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Analysis as first step in system development has significant impact on the project's success. Together we accompish this by delineating the project's scope and by establishing a common basis for communication for all stakeholders involved.


Development of secure, scalable and data-driven web/mobile applications made in Python, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Tailored to the client's needs and budget.

Process Improvement

Processes are used for all types of work, including new product development, production and delivery of goods and services. Using Lean and Six Sigma principles I'll help my clients to conduct a systematic root-cause analysis to discover process improvements aimed at making processes more cost-effective, dependable, responsive and flexible.

Data Mining & Visualization

At it’s core, data visualization is a form of communication. It is my goal to enable my clients to walk away from my graphics with insight and understanding. To tell stories, spark discussion, and create calls to actions.

Hello, I am Kristof Gillisjans...

I am a versatile freelance Analyst and Project Manager with over 10 years of various experiences in complex projects in the following domains: pharmaceutical research, ICT, mail sorting, logistics, retail, supply chain, EMS dispatching, energy and HR.
I specialize in process improvement, data analysis and web technologies.
I have strong interpersonal skills, combining result orientation with coaching capabilities.

IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering

  • "Kristof is an experienced IT professional. He occupied different roles in the IT Value Chain: Process Improvement, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Functional Analyst, Technical Analyst and Developer. For every mission he focuses on value creation and company mission. By doing that he is always able to deliver according to expectations or above. Agile, solution driven and...more"

    - John Bun, CTG-IT Risk Management Consultant at ING Life and Non-Life Belgium, advised Kristof at Computer Task Group

  • "It was a pleasure working with Kristof, at my customer CTG. Kristof is a very professional, result-driven analyst. Always ready to help out a colleague. Will always remember the fun we had while preparing a demo movie for a customer, great teamwork !"

    - Siska Bossuyt, Owner, Jezzup, worked directly with Kristof at Computer Task Group

  • "Ik vond Kristof uitzonderlijk inventief en efficiënt in het vinden van oplossingen. Ik heb ook gemerkt dat hij over het vereiste empatisch vermogen beschikt om mensen te kunnen leiden."

    - Hugo Vanden Hoof, Export Manager Colruyt Group, Collivery, managed Kristof indirectly at Colruyt

  • "Kristof and I worked together for several years at bPost. We grew together through our professional life and I learnt a lot from his openness to others, his professionalism, his sense of duty and his kindness. I am always impressed by his particular view on things, always fresh and new, and his ability to turn a complex situation into a simple solution. And above all, he's a really nice colleague to work with :-)"

    - Maud Silvestrini, Senior Project Manager, worked directly with Kristof at bPost

  • "Kristof est un collègue dévoué et agréable. Il a une faculté assez impressionnante à traduire en image les concepts les plus complexes. Il est réellement un atout pour pouvoir concrétiser et visualiser des éléments complexes."

    - Valérie Geurinckx, Assistante de direction, worked directly with Kristof at bPost

  • "I have worked with Kristof for more than one year a nd a half year in De Post / La Poste. Kristof is very competent in carrying out his duty. I experienced during the period, that Kristof is very quick in coming up with solutions to a problem given. He is keen to get the best possible solution to his customers and is working very hard to provide it very quick - even before a deadline given and his solutions often provide the cusatomer with a better solution, than they have asked for - without adding cost to the original proposal. I'm very fond of having worked with Kristof."

    — Jens Moeller Poulsen, Consultant, worked directly with Kristof at bPost

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